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North West Chamber Award 2007 Impact of Technology on your Business. We were pleased to receive this award in October. It shows the high standards we reach using technology to benefit our customers.

You can now upload video to your home page. Why not leave a little welcome message for your readers. Note: You can upload these file extensions to the home page: jpeg, giff, tiff, png, flv, bmp, flash, swf, avi, 3gp, wmv and mpg.

Flash Intro page. You can upload your own Flash Intro page. This was requested by several users. For business users we would not recommend adding such a page. Although they look great it means your visitors are one page further away from the information they are seeking. Also if this takes a while to load then visitors will click away from your site.

Jokes Page. Check out the new jokes page, with a database of over 400 jokes. Edit, add your own, or get viewers to submit theirs.

On many text areas now you will notice a ‘Word’ style control. This will make formatting your text much easier.

Login Session Time out. When building your website it is possible your login session is timed out. This is a security measure used on many websites. If you leave a computer without logging out it is possible someone can follow behind you and get access to your information. By timing out sessions this makes your site more secure. A session can be ended by inactivity or if a server is being uploaded to during a maintenance period. The site returns you to the home page. This is called being ‘kicked out’. The downside is that if your session finishes whilst you are working on your website then work can be lost. We recommend that you write your content in a document and then you copy and paste it into your website. As a precaution you will now see an auto-save feature in the Page-Builder. When a session nears the end you will get a warning that it is near the end. If you get kicked out of a session then log back in within 15 minutes it will still have the information on the page you were working on.

In DIY templates you can now upload your own buttons, this is in the modify navigation area. Likewise for controlling colour we have added the addition function of inputting the hex code, rather than just choosing from our web-safe colours.

A favicon is an icon that will appear in some browsers against the URL of the website. We have added this as a component in the Template area, so you can now make and upload your own. We have put instructions on how to make one on the page.

Have a look at Here you can see a Favicon by the URL and Google ads on the navigation banner. There are two other ways this website can earn passive income (income without doing anything) – can you see them? Don’t worry we have just rewritten the complete set of 18 e-mails out explaining even more. These can be viewed in the FAQ section of the website, after you have logged in. They are titled ‘emails’. The last two emails expand on Google Adsense and talk through other passive money making schemes for your website.

The shopping cart is now available in the WB60 and WB80 packages. We have designed the shopping cart with small businesses in mind and further additions are planned in the very near future. You can either invoice customers for payment, or take credit card payments via Paypal (you need a PayPal Business Account for this). The cart is easy to build and allows flexibility with VAT and postage and packaging options. Simply click if you are VAT registered or not. If you are, you can set VAT options for individual products as VAT free or at the current rate. Upload images of products to sell and type in descriptions. Customers login to your site to buy (allowing greater flexibility for you in the future). Invoices are generated by the site and can be sent to both you and the customer, saving you administration time. You can now take orders 24/7.

It allows you to make changes when you want, at your own convenience. If you already are selling it makes sense to sell online.

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